Knowing how to break a candle spell can be useful if you believe candle magick is being used against you. By understanding how to work your own spells effectively, you can mitigate the effects of cruelly intentioned magic.

Ways to Break Spells

There are two principle ways to break a hex or curse that has been cast upon you. The first is simply to remove the magic and stop its effects on you, and the second is to reverse the spell and turn its effects back on the individual who initially cast it. If you want to be peaceable in the magic you practice, it is best just to break the spell rather than inflict its effects on someone else. Reversal spells can also go awry depending on how the initial spell was cast, and they can be trickier to perform. If you aren’t sure if a curse or hex has been cast upon you, it is best to just try to break it rather than reverse it.

How to Break a Candle Spell

There are several ways to break spells cast upon you or to break spells you have cast because you no longer wish them to be effective.

To break a spell you have cast:

Anoint a white candle with rosemary or other purification herbs such as sage, lavender, holly, wintergreen, or chamomile.
Burn the candle after midnight while chanting a verse to urge removal of your spell, concentrating on the spell ending.
Give up a possession of yours, such as a charm or crystal, to show that your intentions are good and that you are working the spell only for yourself. The item given up should be placed on your altar and then buried after the spell is completed.
If necessary, perform the spell for several consecutive nights to concentrate its power.

To Remove a Hex or Curse Cast Upon You:

Anoint a black candle (most effective against dark magic) with purification herbs or oils.
Carve the name of the enemy into the candle, or if it is not known, simply carve “My Enemy” into the candle. You can also carve “Purify” or “Shatter” into the candle.
Place the candle upright in a wooden bowl of pure water; water drawn from a natural source is best, but distilled or bottled water can also be used.Burn the candle while concentrating on removing the spell. When the flame reaches the water, it will sputter and go out.
Bury the candle and the water to return the power of the hex to nature.

Another Method to Remove a Curse:

Carve “My Enemy” or “Curse” into a black taper candle.
Anoint the candle with calming purification herbs or oils.
Snap the candle cleanly in two, making sure the break occurs within the carved words.
Use a white candle to melt the black one, adding the purification and protection qualities of the white candle to your spell.
Allow the melted wax to drip into a bowl of pure water.
Discard of the melted wax and tainted water by burying it in a private, secluded spot.

Online Magic Reversal Spells:
There are many different spells and chants that may help you break a candle spell. From simple verses to more complex chants, these spells may help you focus your energy into breaking the spell and can help your magic casting be more effective. Online resources with a variety of curse breaking and removal spells include:

More Curse Breaking Tips

Any candle magick spell can be more powerful if it is performed in a sacred, symbolic manner. To make your magick more effective:

Burn white candles in the background during your ritual to add their protective charms to the atmosphere.
Cast the protection spell after midnight or during early morning before sunrise when the darkness is waning to take advantage of the natural power of light over dark.
Cast protective spells around yourself with the appropriate candle magic colors to invoke protection in case the hex backfires when you attempt to break it.

When you attempt to break a spell it is important to remember that candle magick is a state of mind and your thoughts can affect how any other spell influences you. If your positive energy is stronger than an enemy’s negative energy, their spell will be ineffective against you. If casting hex removal or reversal spells helps you to focus that energy, you can use them as a powerful tool for your own peace and tranquillity.

Thank you for reading, I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below.

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