You can learn how to use a reversing candle to reverse a spell, especially one placed on you with evil intentions. A reversing candle can also be used for other types of reversals, such as bad fortune or luck.

Reversing the Magick:
The best time to perform a reversing spell is during a waning moon. If you sense or know someone has placed a harmful spell or hex on you, use a reversing candle spell to send that negative energy back to the person. It isn’t necessary to know the person’s identity for the reversing to work.

Candle Choices:
Before you begin your reversing spell, you’ll need to choose a candle. There are several options.

Black Outside, Red Inside Candle:

A popular candle choice has red wax inside and black wax on the outside. You can purchase this reversing candle or make your own by rolling a red candle in melted black wax. This type of candle simultaneously breaks the spell and mirrors it back to the sender and the red wax melting over the black wax symbolizes the triumph of overcoming the evil spell.

Half Red, Half Black Pillar Candle:
The pillar candle features a red top half and a black bottom half. The red wax will burn first to attract your desire, such as reversing the spell and replacing it with something you want. Once the red wax is burned away, the flame attacks the black wax. This burning will repel and reverse the negative energy and the spell cast on you. That energy will be sent back to its originator.

7-Day Red and Black Candle:
Like other reversing candles, the 7-Day red and black candle is designed to reverse evil spells cast on you or reverse harmful circumstances. This candle needs to burn continuously for 7 days. The red wax will burn first to draw positive, beneficial energies to you. The black wax will burn away the negative energy, sending it back to the person who cast the spell against you.

Green and Black Pillar:
The green and black pillar candle is half and half with green wax at the top. This candle is recommended for reversing bad money luck. For best results, burn this candle continuously.

White and Black Pillar:
The white and black pillar candle reverses bad health luck. The white wax in the upper half attracts healthy energies while burning the black wax eradicates illness from you. For best results, burn this candle continuously.

Preparing Your Candle:
Before you begin reversing the spell or current bad luck/circumstances, you need to prepare the candle.

Names in the Wax:
If you know the name of the person who hexed you, write their name backwards (how it would appear in a mirror) in the black part of the candle. This is usually carved into the wax and ensures the energy is sent back to them.

Identity Unknown:
If you don’t know who cast the spell on you, simply write in normal forward script your intent in burning the candles, such as “I send your spell back to you.”

Red Half of Candle:
In the red part of the candle, write your name in forward script.

7-Day Candle:
If using a 7-day candle or other types of jar candle, write in black ink the name of the person on a piece of paper. Fold the paper so it fits underneath the candle.

If you prefer, write the person’s name in a mirror image on the glass in the black wax area.
You can also write your name in forward script on the glass in the red wax area.

Dressing the Candle:
Dressing the candle is an important part of the spell process. Use a purchased reversing oil or create your own using essential oils. You can dress the candle by rubbing a small amount of the oil on it.

Dressing a 7-Day Candle:
If you’re using a 7-day candle, For best results, you can create an odd number of wells in the candle with a screwdriver or dowel. You’ll then fill the wells with the reversing oil.

Reversing Candle Prayer:
While you’re dressing the candle, you can say prayers to release you from the evil sent to you or to reverse circumstances.

Choose words that best express your desire to reverse your fortunes.
Formulate your prayer for the red part of the candle (attracting energies) and the black half (sending negative/evilness back to sender).

Black Half of Candle:
Say a prayer while rubbing the oil on the black portion of the candle, such as, “I send all the evil and negative energy you directed toward me back to you.” However, if your faith teaches forgiveness, you may pray for the person’s heart to open to the God’s love. If reversing a circumstance, pray for the energy causing you harm to be returned to its source.

Red Half of Candle:
When praying during the dressing of the red half of the candle, you may say, “I attract only positive beneficial energies denied me. I ask God to release me from the spell and send only good things to me.”

Lighting the Candle:
Choose a quiet place where you won’t be interrupted and light the candle. Focus on your intent and pray however long you need.

Using a Reversing Candle:
When learning how to use a reversing candle, it’s important to give it your full concentration. This will boost the power behind your intention to ensure success.

Everyone finds themselves in a tight spot at one time or another. Sometimes, life hands you lemons — sometimes, those lemons have a little help from someone else’s malicious intentions. While protection spells and rituals are the best way to prevent hexes, jinxes, and other malevolent magick from sticking to you in the first place, reversals are the best way to shake it off.

How Does Reversing Magick Work?

Reversing magick works in a few different ways. When you are reversing someone else’s spell, not only does it take the spell off of you, it sends it back to the person who put it on you in the first place. Every spell requires an expenditure of energy. By reversing a spell, you are taking this energy and returning it to its source. According to most traditions, reversing magic is safer than attempting to get revenge on someone — you do not have to put yourself in harm’s way by casting a hex yourself, you just return someone’s negativity to them. When you are reversing one of your own spells that you no longer want or need, it returns your energy to you and keeps your spell from having unwanted results.

Reversing a Spell:

One of the simplest ways to reverse a spell is with candle magick. Most candles designed for reversing are two colors: black, and another color that matches the spell’s intent. For example, if an enemy has sent trouble your way, a red and black Reversible Multicolor 7 Day Prayer Candle or Reversible All Triple Action Big Al Candle burns away negativity first, then helps you overcome your enemy’s spell.

To use a reversal candle, create an odd number of divots in the top of the candle with a knife, and place some Reversible Oil in each. Next, inscribe your name in the colorful part of the candle, and the words “I return your spell to you” on the black portion. If the candle is in glass, you can write on the glass with a permanent market, or write your intent on a small piece of paper or parchment and tuck it underneath the candle. Place it in a safe, fireproof place, and allow it to burn completely.

Mirror Reversal Spell:

You can use the reflective qualities of mirrors to send magick back to its source. For this, you should create a perimeter of Victory Over Evil Sachet Powder around the edges of your home or property to keep evil at bay. Then, burn a red Cat Candle in the heart of your home to destroy negative influences. When you are through, take one small mirror for each window of your home, and wash them in an infusion of agrimony and sea salt in water. Anoint the backs of the mirrors with a drop of Touch Me Not oil, and set them in your windows so their reflective surfaces face outward.

Protecting Yourself:

When you know you are going to be around an enemy who is trying to jinx you, take the right precautions. Before leaving the house, visualize yourself surrounded by a reflective bubble that no evil may enter. Wear Reversible Sachet Powder to send back any magick an enemy or rival tries to place on you, and a little Compelling Perfume to help you maintain the upper hand. If this person visits your home, light some Compelling Incense to stay in control of the situation and make sure they do as you please.

Reversing Your Own Spells:

To undo your own spell, the first step is to look at how you did it. Unless you used fire to empower the spell, using a Reversing Hoo Doo Pillar Candle and destroying the spell remnants by burning them should work. You can also try pausing the spell by placing the spell remnants, a piece of paper with the spell’s intent, and some water together in a bottle, and freezing them. As a last resort, you may try casting a spell to counter the effects of the first one — just be careful not to end up having to cast counterspell after counterspell!

Reversing a spell does not just free you from it, it sends it back to where it came from. If you are tired of dealing with other people’s spells — or need a way to fix one of your own — spell reversals are the safest and easiest way to put things right again.

Thank you for reading, I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below.

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