This Mirror Protection Spell is designed for those that have a stand-alone home where they can ideally bury the contents of this spell in various parts of their yard. However, if you live in an apartment or a space without a yard or land around you, there are adaptations you can make.

Intention: To create a perimeter around your home that deflects any intentional negativity aimed in your direction while still allowing blessings to come in.

Items Needed:

  • -4 Round 2-inch mirrors.
    -4 Black Tourmaline Stones.
    -Black Salt.
    -Angelica Root.

Optional: Add any other stones, herbs, sigils, amulets that you feel called to add to the protection energy of this spell.


Gather your items and take them all with you to the Eastern side of the property. You can go to the furthest edge of the property, or right up to the very outer wall of the house. Either way, you want to move in a circle around the house unencumbered and be able to bury your items in a place that won’t run the risk of being disturbed by water runoff or soil churning.

When you have found your spot, starting with the East, dig a small hole and as you place the mirror inside it, make sure the reflective part points out away from the house. Add a pinch of Angelica Root, a pinch of black salt, one of your black tourmalines, and one of each of the other items you brought with you. While you do so, say the following words:

  • -Sacred face of mirror-bright,
  • -Moons sister of reflective light,
  • -Bounce back all that would harm,
  • -Allowing to pass only that,
  • -which would bless and charm.

Repeat steps moving clockwise around the home by moving next to the South and so on until you have reached the East again to close the circle and say:

  • -Circle Moon,
  • -Circle Star,
  • -Circle Face,
  • -of protective light,
  • -Circle complete,
  • -Circle Sealed,
  • -No harm enter,
  • -Only love and might.

At each New Moon, you can refresh the spell by repeating both invocations at each point and adding a bit of black salt to the ground where you have your mirror shields buried.


The only difference in this circumstance is that rather than burying your mirrors and herbs, you place each mirror at a window sill that faces each direction inside your apartments that the reflective surface faces out. Then next to the mirror in a small offering bowl, you combine your ingredients and keep it all together. You can refresh your spell the same way.

Thank you for reading, I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below.

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