You Will Need:
Rusty Tails or needles.
Rat Poison.
Cayenne & Black Pepper.
Water (swamp water or pond water is preferable)

Death water is made by placing all the above in a jar of swamp water. The jar is then allowed to sit for a period of several weeks, opening it to release the pressure of that the bleach creates when combined with the rat poison. The nails will rust and rat poison will dissolve leaving the water smelling like ammonia.

Note: It is recommended that you place the jar inside a Ziplock bag just encase the jar begins to leak.
Traditionally, to use Death Water you would break the jar on the land, doorstep or at the feet of your enemy, and whomever walks through it will have the curse laid upon them. If breaking a glass jar on someone’s porch seems a bit much to you however, there are other ways of using it. The spell works just as well if you simply pour the war water out on their land or, alternatively, you can sprinkle it around the outside perimeter of your own land as a preemptive protective measure.

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below.

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