Freezing rituals and spells are magical procedures used to restrain a person.

Also, this kind of ritual is used to stop the occurrence of something.

That is why the term freeze is used because what is sought is to cool a situation or a person.

This cooling implies that we try to remove energy or transform the energy that is active into a deactivated energy.

There are many ways to do it and with this a sorcerer can stop his enemies in just a glance.

The power of these techniques is sometimes so drastic so it should be used only in circumstances that justify it.

It is one of those spells that due to its potential vigor, deserves serious consideration.

Freezing Ritual to Keep Someone Away

Items needed:

– Picture of the person you wish to freeze.

– Black candle.

– Lighter.

– Elastic bond.


1- Place the picture on your altar.

2- Light up the candle and meditate for five minutes on the person leaving you completely.

3- Leave the candle to burn for at least ten minutes.

4- Turn off the candle and believe the person has gone out of your life.

5- Take the photo and wrap around the candle using an elastic band.

6- As you do so, recite: As of today, you will move away from me, you will have no power over me, you do not see me anymore!

7- Placed the wrapped picture and candle inside the freezer and continue to meditate on your desire.

Leave the items in the freezer for as long as you want to keep the person away.

You can also wrap the items with some plastic so that they don’t get wet and torn.

After carrying out the above steps your target will be kept away far from you and your family.

Spell With Vinegar to Freeze a Man You No Longer Love.

This is another ritual that helps you get all your exes from trailing your back and disturbing your life.

What this ritual does is to make your ex to stop thinking about you especially when you are no longer in love with him.

Items required:

– Red candle,

– Glass of vinegar,

– A blank 20 by 20 centimeters paper,

– A plastic bag that is airtight,

– Lipstick.


1- Light the candle,

2- Place the glass of vinegar in front of the red candle.

3- Write your name and that of the person on the paper using a lipstick and lock it in a heart.

4- Fold the paper into four and put it inside the glass of vinegar.

5- Recite: Locked up you will remain forever, and this love will not prosper!

6- Wait for 10 minutes then take out the paper from the glass and put it inside the plastic bag.

7- Hold the bag in your left hand and recite this sentence nine times; Now let the isolation of this love begin!

8- Add water to the bag and put it inside the freezer.

9- When doing it repeat nine times the following phrase:

“As of today this love is totally suspended and I decree it will remain like this!”

At this point, leave the bag in the freezer for as long as you want as this will keep the individual far away from you. If for any reason the iced bag gets melted, you will have to repeat the spell. Meanwhile, the candle remnants should be buried somewhere no one has access to.

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below

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