Wisdom, dreams, and psychic vision. This article takes a long look at most of the things you can do with a purple candle.

Purple is one of the most versatile and magickal colors. Here’s an overview of the types of spells you can cast with just a simple purple candle:

Wisdom and spiritual attainment

Psychic awakening

Honoring and remembering the dead

Friendship spells (lavender)

Making a wish

Healing and cleansing the aura

Creativity (especially the visual arts)

Good luck

Success in business

Connecting with guardian angels and spirit guides

Discovering the truth

Magick involving Sagittarius (zodiac sign corresponding to purple)

Balancing the emotions

Just triumph over enemies

Altar candles and devotionals

To repair someone’s reputation

Attracting a same-sex lover (lavender)

Harvest, abundance, gratitude

Glamour and seduction

Spells for safe travel

Finding a mentor

Getting attention for accomplishments

Conjuring the ghost of Prince (just kidding)

Correspondences of Purple Candles

Purple is often attributed to the kingly planet of Jupiter. When used for protection and wisdom, purple shows its Saturnine qualities. And its association with dreaming and psychic matters means there is some Moon energy in there, as well.

In modern Paganism, a purple candle tends to correspond to sky gods and gods of wisdom. A notable exception is the Egyptian pantheon. Purple was not one of the pigments that ancient Egyptian artists had at their disposal, so it is rare to see the Egyptian gods honored with purple.

A color of luck and abundance, purple most closely matches the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Like the centaur, purple is a compound creation, a fusion of blue and red. As a symbol of spirituality, purple nudges Sagittarius’s philosophical mind toward greater heights of awareness.

Planets: Jupiter, Saturn, Moon.

Deities: Zeus, Jove, Hecate, Dionysus, Bacchus, Athena, Shiva, Odin, Oya.

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius.

Tarot card: Temperance.

Variations of Purple Candles

Purple candles come in many shades, from palest lavender to inky dark violet. Obviously, they’re not all interchangeable. Each shade has a slightly different energy and a different effect in magick. You’ll want to be mindful of this when choosing a purple candle for a spell.

Generally, lavender-hued candles are used for spells of healing, blessing, and wishcraft. They combine the high spiritual vibration of purple with the purity of white.

Lavender is historically associated with gay love. Sometimes queer folks will substitute a lavender candle for the more common pink candle in love spells.

Vibrant, medium purple is the color of royalty and riches (both temporal and spiritual). This is the shade that corresponds most closely with the third eye or brow chakra. True purple is the classic choice for divination and astral workings. It’s also good for Jupiter magick—good luck, expanding success, wisdom, and justice.

Purplish-red is called burgundy, after the classic French wine. It carries an Earthier version of purple’s power. A burgundy candle may be employed for workings of passion, willpower, and manifestation.

Purple Candle Scents

Usually, candles used in spellwork are unscented. This is so the magick worker can add their own herbs and scents—or so that they can avoid being distracted by candle smells while casting the spell. However, as every Witch knows, you don’t always have an unscented candle handy when you need one. Sometimes you’re stuck with whatever’s at the dollar store. In those cases, it’s good to make sure that a candle’s scent isn’t working at cross-purposes with your intention.

A stroll through the local Yankee Candle outlet reveals that the most popular purple candle scent, by a long shot, is Lavender. (Lilac and other variations on the light-floral theme make up the rest of the purple candle shelf.) Fortunately, Lavender is a time-honored magickal herb and is quite appropriate for most purple candle spells. Its fragrance is mood-enhancing and relaxing, and will do nothing but complement most beneficent spells.

Lavender candles are usually pale, but dark purple candles often come in food flavors. Luscious Plum, Vineyard, and Boysenberry Pie carry the jovial energy of generosity and indulgence. These mouth-watering scents are just groovy for good luck spells and offerings. (But don’t let them make you too hungry during meditation or astral travel. Nothing like a grumbling stomach to spoil your concentration!)

Rounding out the purple candle category are heavy oriental and exotic blends: Musk, Amber, and Opium. They often show up on eggplant-colored candles with names like Midnight Tryst. Use these ancient scents for the darker side of purple candle spells—glamours, dream magick, communing with ancestors.

Purple Candles for Psychic Development

Purple corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra (or in some systems, the Crown Chakra). Clairvoyance, intuitive wisdom, and openness to higher spiritual planes are some of the functions of these important energy centers. According to color magick theories, viewing or even being near a color stimulates the energy of the corresponding chakra. Purple candles are a great choice for opening the third eye and astral travel.

If you practice divination (for example, reading Tarot cards or runes), you may wish to keep a stash of small purple candles on hand. Bless the candles under the light of the full moon, and keep them in a closed box with a Quartz crystal or Moonstone. Light one candle each time you perform a reading.

Another simple psychic development ritual is to burn a purple candle while meditating upon the flickering flame. Watch the flame for approximately a minute, then close your eyes and see it projected behind your eyelids. Imagine that the candle flame is warming and caressing the third eye. Draw energy from the candle’s light, while at the same time allowing it to burn away any part that is stagnant or wounded. This exercise of good for anyone who works with their upper chakras a lot, including psychic readers, artists, priests and priestesses, and healers.

Whenever you perform magick to unlock psychic powers, don’t forget to set your intention that any psychic openness you receive is for your highest good. There are good and bad reasons to pursue psychic development; there are good and bad results that can occur from it. Sometimes our psychic access is limited for our own well-being. Sometimes (as annoying as it is), our elder spirits, guardians, and guides really do know best. Seek to awaken psychic gifts only at the pace of your ability to handle them.

Purple Candles For Spiritual Strength

Purple is associated with high magick and spiritual attainment. As a compound color, purple blends red (passion, physicality) with blue (wisdom and intellect). The integration of these opposites is also the aim of the magickal adept. If a red candle is for Power and blue is for Truth, the purple candle ritual is performed for Understanding.

Purple, as it relates to the Crown Chakra, symbolizes oneness, consciousness, and openness to enlightenment. Mindfully burning a purple candle is a way to signal to your higher self that you are ready to receive spiritual advancement. In times of trouble, a purple candle ritual can help to balance the emotions and keep your mind on the big picture.

In Christianity, purple candles are a symbol of penance, used only during Advent and Lent. Along with white, it is considered one of the most spiritual colors, and invites contemplation of the divine. Purple candles are appropriate for most rituals of devotion and prayer. Try them on your meditation or deity altar.

But that’s not to say there aren’t Low Magick uses for purple candles—there are many! Purple candles may be used for protection from evil, and even triumph over enemies when you know your cause is just. Most commonly, the candle is dressed (or anointed) with a ritual oil and burned while reciting an incantation. Here a few traditional uses for a purple candle from American Hoodoo:

To cast out corrupt influences from a person and place.

To overcome attackers and robbers.

To quiet gossip and slander.

To regain your reputation.

To avoid persecution in court.

These purple candle rituals summon divine protection and judgement, using a spiritual hue to signal that the spell-caster is taking the magickal high road. Due to its high vibration, purple is not an especially good choice for hexes and tricks. The nastiest possible outcome of a purple candle spell is that everyone will get what they deserve.

Purple Candles For Expansion and Ambition

Purple has been known for ages as the color of royalty. The dyes used to make purple cloth were rare and expensive extracts of sea snails, so these garments were reserved for kings and emperors. Ripe fruit is purple, and so is wine, a consummate beverage that has long inspired poets and epicures. Purple is a lucky color—it’s hard not to feel blessed when your eyes alight on this rich hue.

As the color of royalty, imperial power, and riches, purple is an excellent choice for spells of earthly success. Don’t be shy about using it to get what you want on the physical plane. Purple corresponds to Jupiter, the sky god, who can grant boons to the deserving and undeserving alike. You can use a purple candle spell to stir up an advantage in almost any area of life—love, business, politics, or travel. Light up that purple candle and let your ambition fuel your magick!

The relative scarcity of purple in the natural world makes it a head-turning color to this very day. Burn a purple candle when you want to be noticed and praised for your accomplishments.

As purple is a color of completion, I find that success spells with purple candles are best performed as you approach the final stages of your efforts. Save that purple candle until you’ve done at least some of the (non-magickal) work. Then use the energy of purple to culminate and expand your projects, and savor the glory of your success.

Herbs and Oils for Purple Candle Spells

Choose herbs or essential oils to further empower your candle-burning ritual. Oils are usually used to “dress” the candle prior to burning it. Herbs can be placed in a ring around the base of the candle. Alternatively, you can melt the candle wax slightly (a hair dryer works great) and roll it in the crushed herbs.

Here are Some Suggestions of Herbs to Use With Your Purple Spell Candles

Healing/cleansing: Lavender

Success: Orris Root

Psychic vision: Bay, Anise

Lucid dreaming: Jasmine

Meditation and spiritual growth: Palo Santo

Protection: Mandrake

Gemstones for Purple Candle Spells

Purple candles can be used alongside these stones in ritual




Lapis Lazuli


Black Onyx

Examples of Spells With a Purple Candle

Now that you know all about purple candles, it should be easy to craft your own purple candle spells and rituals. Need more inspiration? Here are some sample purple candle spells from various authors:

For Mental Clarity

Light a Purple-colored candle and focus your attention on it. Become aware of any negative thoughts or feelings you are experiencing, saying each aloud as you burn the candle. Imagine the negativity being consumed by the flame of the candle, then say the following statement, “Divine Intelligence, please delete this negative thought from my mind, body, and energy field.”

Now focus on creating a positive state of mind. Say positive affirmations that can help you feel more inspired and peaceful in your life. Say: “Divine Spirit, please install thoughts and feelings of clarity, peace, and gratitude.”

Keep practicing this exercise until your mind is purified of all negativity.

To Attract Healing and Good Health

To attract Good Health and Positive Healing Energies; dress a PURPLE (VIOLET) CANDLE with one teaspoon of ground LAVENDER, one teaspoon of ground LEMON PEEL, and one teaspoon of ground CHAMOMILE. Using a PIN/SHARP NAIL, inscribe your name or the person’s name that is need of Healing. Anoint the CANDLE with LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL, charging the CANDLE with intentions of Healing and Good Health. Light the CANDLE and allow it to burn out completely, you may want to state aloud a prayer or magickal incantation, focused on Healing and attracting Good Health.

To Share the Same Dream

Decide with you absent lover to dream of a future special occasion the two of you will attend. Synchronize your bedtimes for the same hour on the same day of the week. Both of you should light a purple candle for half an hour before going to bed. One person may dream the premonition before the other, but by repeating the formula, both of you will dream, perhaps on the same night. Tell each other your dreams and watch as the events seen in the dreams transpire.

Psychic Attunement Bath

Have a light purple candle burning as you bathe, and ring the candle with amethysts to sharpen the “sixth sense.” Some keep an amethyst with their tarot cards, I-Ching yarrow stalks or coins, or rune stones to heighten their inner energies.

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below.

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