The moon has great energy that affects everything about life. The moon has four main phases namely; New Moon, Waxing Moon, Full moon and Waning moon. Each of these phases has a 7 days duration to enable you carry out your magical rituals.

In this blog we have set up a guide on the moon phases and best activities to be done during these phases.

The New Moon:

This occurs a day after the Dark Moon. It represents a time of new beginning. The new moon is all about letting go of the past and deciding to start afresh. It is a season of planting, personal growth, healing and blessing.

When two New Moons are experienced in a month, it is a sign of the abundance of good things.

Waxing Moon:

This occurs after the new moon and before the full moon. At this time, the moon grows larger in the sky and its energy expands.

This time is suitable for spells on money, good luck, relationship, good health, job and requesting for all your heart desires.

The Full Moon:

After the appearance of the New Moon it takes 14 days of growing before the moon becomes completely full. At this time, the energy of the moon is full and the results of spells carried out are often excellent. The full moon gives you time to explore and find your life’s purpose. The full moon night serves as celebration night for witches as they pray and ask for peace from different deities.

Some full moon rituals are carried out three days to the full moon night, and three days after and sometimes it could take one moon cycle before the completion of the results.

The Wanning Moon:

After the full moon has appeared, a gradual depreciation in size is seen and the energy of the moon becomes reduced. This time is perfect for spells on eliminating obstacles, giving up on bad habits, banishing ailments and rejecting negativity in our lives.

The Dark Moon:

This occurs three days before the appearance of the New Moon. At this time, no moon is seen in the sky. The Dark Moon represents time for rest and introversion. Some witches use this period for positive hexing and healing.

Although this is a period of break, you can cast spells on peace and request for visions at this time. Also, requests to the Dark Mother can be done at this time.

The Black Moon:

This moon indicates a sharp turning point in a cycle. It is a time of awakening and clarity. The energy of this moon is filled with positivity and this time is perfect for spells on peace, direction, spiritual awakening, etc. You can also seek for miracles and the fulfillment of all your heart desires during the black moon.

Magical Correspondence of the Days of the Week:


Sign: Cancer

Color: White, silver.

Fruit: Grape, peach.

Grass: Jasmine, poppy, sandalwood.

Stone: Amethyst, moonstone, selenite.

Ruling Planet: Luna, our beloved Goddess.

Spell: Balance, transformation, intuition, dreams and everything psychic.


Color: Red, Wine

Fruit: Strawberry, date.

Grass: Holly, aloe, pine.

Stone: Carnelian, jasper, ruby.

Sign: Aries, Scorpio.

Ruling Planet: Mars, God of war.

Spell: Courage, conflict, struggle, desire and passion


Sign: Gemini, Virgo.

Color: Yellow, Orange, ash.

Fruit: Orange, pitanga.

Herb: Anise, fennel, lavender.

Stone: Hematite, magnetite, crystal quartz.

Ruling Planet: Mercury, the messenger of the gods.

Spell: Communication, wisdom, companionship, art.


Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces.

Color: Violet, blue.

Fruit: Watermelon, pomegranate.

Grass: Agrimony, hyssop, sage.

Stone: Aquamarine, aventurine, lapis lazuli.

Ruling Planet: Jupiter, the Supreme God.

Spell: Honors, purification and justice.


Sign: Taurus, Libra.

Color: Pink, Green.

Fruit: Apple, cherry.

Grass: Artemis, yarrow, patchouli.

Stone: Citrine, rose quartz, rhodochrosite.

Ruling planet: Venus, goddess of love and beauty.

Spell: Love, beauty, passion.


Sign: Capricorn, Aquarius.

Color: Black, Brown.

Fruit: Lemon, coconut.

Grass: Amaranth, cypress, ivy.

Stone: Garnet, tiger eye, onyx, pyrite.

Ruling Planet: Saturn, the god of Time.

Spell: Health, prosperity, the disappearance of negativity and spells to banish a bad habit.

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below

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