To hold build your own ritual routine that gets you in the mood and opens up energy to provide you the best results for your spiritual work, we recommend selecting 3 or more of the following practices and combining them into a beautiful ritual for your evening:

1- Keep the lights off and light candles instead.
2- Cleanse your sacred space with sage, palo santo, or another form of smudge stick.
3- Take a mineral bath.
4- Listen to soul soothing music.
5- Set up a crystal grid.
6- Write in your journal.
7- Take a yoga class or practice at home (yoga nidra is perfect for deep relaxation!).
8- Pull tarot cards.
9- Enjoy a cup of tea and a nourishing meal.
10- Gather with your spiritual community.
11- Meditate (Use your favorite technique or enjoy this potent light scanning. meditation from Danielle Laporte).
12- Go for a nighttime walk.
13- Take deep breaths in nature.
14- Conduct a night-time ritual for lucid dreaming.
15- Sleep under the stars.

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below.

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