Under this definition, each one of us is performing magick with every thought, every word, every action. And you’re either doing it subconsciously or consciously.

Every day:

The goal here is to take it from being an unconscious process so that we might turn it into a conscious decision… because once you do, your life will never be the same. I promise.

But first, we need to better define the channels through which Magick is actualized into your life.

Let’s get started.


Your mind is the center of your being.

It is the source of your potential, the guiding hand that leads you through the choices you make on a daily basis

For better or worse, It is where manifestation begins.

You may have heard the following saying –

“The mind is an excellent servant, but a terrible master”

This is absolutely correct — and switching the dynamic, controlling your mind rather than your mind controlling you, begins with your self-talk.

What does your internal dialogue sound like?

How do you speak to yourself?

Do you internally use “if” statements instead of “when” statements?

Or “maybe” instead of “absolutely”?

Because that’s manifestation. That’s Magick.

Do you break yourself down or lift yourself up?

Do you obsess over the simplest of mistakes, or do you roll with the punches?

These are questions you need to ask yourself and truly reflect upon, because it matters greatly to your overall well being.

If you’re constantly shitting on yourself, how could you EVER expect to have a good life?

Why would you ever expect others to treat you with respect if you can’t first respect yourself? Changing this is absolutely paramount, and the first step to executing effective manifestation.

But it isn’t easy, especially if you’re deeply embedded into the habit of a negative self-talk.

It will take CONSTANT observation of your thoughts, and a continuous and conscious effort on your part.

But gradually, little by little, you’ll begin to notice a change. And as you continue to consciously mitigate and alter the nature of your self talk, the better you’ll ultimately feel.

Trust me on this. Cut the bullshit, stop harping on your weaknesses and start building up your strengths.

The way you think will undoubtedly, beyond any shadow of a doubt, determine who you’re capable of becoming and what you’re capable of doing.

So you need to get your mind in order, because your life literally depends on it.


The next step is utilizing your words.

Words are arguably the most powerful force available to humans. What has started religions, wars, empires, and revolutions?


When you understand this, you begin to take them far, far more seriously. But how can you use words to your benefit?

I recommend developing a mantra.

I have developed my own mantra, and I have thought it or said it to myself every single day, often multiple times a day, for the past year. And it has been nothing short of amazing to see how it manifests constantly in my daily life.

It outlines my personal goals, my expectations of myself, and who I ultimately would like to be as a fully actualized man.

And I only use “IAM” statements.

Let me say that again, because it’s that important.

I only use “I AM” statements.

There is SO much power in the phrase “I AM.” It leaves no room for doubt internally, and it is a means of programming your mind to THINK, SPEAK, and ACT in accordance with your ambition and goals. It naturally brings you TOWARDS the direction of that which you claim “you are.”

You will inevitably fill any role you give yourself, so choose to make it one that will bring you fulfillment and a greater sense of purpose. But words alone aren’t nearly enough. You can sit down and say “I AM” until you’re blue in the face, but what you want isn’t going to magically come to you without effort. Nothing can truly happen without the next, and most important, step.


Your actions are the vehicle through which your thoughts and words move. They are what ultimately determine the outcome of your life. Ironically enough, your actions are the simplest part of the equation. Once you have your mind and your words in check, your actions will naturally follow suit. But nonetheless, we’ll discuss how to better optimize your actions.

First, start by detailing what it is you need to act on.

-What do you enjoy?

-What are you good at?

-What can/should you improve?

How do you envision your dream life, and how can you leverage your current skills so that you might move it from your mind’s eye and into your reality? And if you don’t have the current skills necessary, how can you go about learning them?

Brainstorm, make it an exercise.

List out actions you can take right now.


-A year from now.

-5 years from now.

Don’t take yourself too seriously while doing this, play with it. Once you have your list, ask yourself seriously –

-“Why am I not implementing these?”

-“What’s stopping me?”

The answer, if you’ve truly tamed your mind and your voice, should be one word and one word only – Nothing.

Act accordingly.


There is no other way. Utilize the tools available to you. USE the methods outlines in this article.

Make them your own, and I PROMISE you will begin to see change. You will begin to see how your reality conforms to your will. And you’ll never go back. Such is the power of Magick, and what becomes possible when you consciously manifest.    Until next time,

Thanks for reading.

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below.

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