Love magic can be intense and powerful. I am going to share with you five love spells that are very beginner friendly, so even the newest newcomer can cast them.

1. Love ties with photo

I wanted to start with one of the simplest love spells that anybody can cast. Nowadays, it’s very easy to get a picture of your love interest, either by social networks, or some that you have taken yourself with your mobile device.

Necessary materials:

Photos of yourself and your lens.

2 petals of jasmine.

2 fennel seeds.

1 glass of holy water.

1 stick of incense.

2 red candles.

Magnesium sulphate

1 red cloth cover.

Red thread.


Try to cast this spell on the night of a full moon. Select a room that is not too noisy. Enter the room in the dark and light the 2 red candles inside.

You will need to keep a positive attitude. To continue with a winning mentality, you can read some of these short love phrases, while imagining that you have already earned their love.

Take the 2 pictures of you and your loved one and put them face to face.

Tie the photos with the thread and form 3 knots.

Pronounce aloud the following: “We 2 have the power to connect”.

Insert the seeds with the petals into the sleeve and then close it.

If you have a garden in your house, bury the sheath. Otherwise, bury it in a pot in a different place in the house than the room.

And that’s it, you’ve cast your first love spell.

2. Love rituals with candles

Here is a love spell that relies on the power of candles. If you do this spell right, you could see positive results in as little as a few hours.

Materials needed:

A sheet of A4 paper.

A red candle.

A teaspoon of honey.


On the A4 size sheet, you will write your own initials. Just below them you will write the initials of your love interest.

Light the red candle and stand in front of it for a couple of minutes. In the meantime, visualize the person that you are in love with.

Spread the spoonful of honey on the paper, where you wrote your own initials.

Let the honey dry. Before you go to sleep, fold the paper into 4 parts and put it under your pillow for five nights.

Blow out the candle before you go to sleep.

It is very likely that on the first night you will already see results. However, it is safest to wait for 5 nights and light the candle again.

Burn the paper at the end of the 5th night. Use the candle to burn it.

Save the ashes until you are sure the spell has worked.

When it works, bury the ashes in a pot or in your yard.

3. Witchcraft of love with urine

It is one of the most unpleasant-sounding love spells, but the truth is that it is a highly effective option. It is frequently used by married women that are trying to win back the love of a husband that is separating from her.

Necessary materials:

100ml of your first urine after waking up. You can use the containers of urine samples that are sold in pharmacies.

An A4 sheet.

A spoonful of brown sugar.

A red pencil.

Three cloves.

A black plastic cover.

A glass jar with a lid.


Start by taking a sample of your urine.

Pour the urine from the pharmacy jar into the glass jar. The pharmacy jar is only necessary because you need to measure exactly 100ml.

Write the name of your loved one on the paper three times.

On top of the name, sprinkle a spoon of brown sugar.

Fold the paper into 3 parts carefully, so that the sugar spills out.

Put the paper in the glass jar and add the cloves.

Close the jar with the lid so that it is completely sealed.

Insert the glass jar into the black cover and store it in a safe place. No one should have access to it.

You will see the first results in approximately 15 days. On the 16th, take the jar out of the case, and light a black candle next to it for 15 minutes. That’s it! You just cast a powerful love spell, but can discard the jar of urine now.

4. Cigarette Love Spells

I’m sure you didn’t imagine that cigarettes could be used in love magic! You won’t need many materials for this one. It is both one of the simplest, but is also very effective.

Necessary materials:

Fourteen cigarettes.

A red ballpoint pen.

2 photos of your loved one.

Pencil and paper.

A small flowerpot.

A handful of earth, no more.


Before starting, I recommend that you write your goal down on a piece of paper. The objective should be clear and shouldn’t be too long. If there are several objectives, make a list.

Each cigarette should be marked with the name of your love interest. Do the same with the pack. You only have to write the first name of your loved one.

The same night you do that, at 12 o’clock, light the first cigarette, and burn the paper with the list of objectives.

The ashes from the paper should fall on top of the pot. Make sure there’s nothing in the pot first, or you’ll have to start all over again another day.

When the paper is finished, you should smoke the whole cigarette. Between each puff, or stroke, you must pronounce the following words:

“Come to me: Name of the person”

“Make him think more of me at every moment.”

“The wind and the smoke will draw you to me.”

Over the next 13 days you should do exactly the same thing, except burn the paper.

Repeat this process on the last day, but also burn the 2 photos of your loved one and deposit the ashes in the pot. Fill the pot with the earthen fist.

Keep in mind that all cigarette butts, as well as the ashes on the list and the photos, must be completely covered by the earth.

5. To maintain a long-lasting relationship

We’ve seen 4 spells that work very well. I wanted to leave this one for last so that you can prevent future bad vibrations, and negative energies that can deteriorate the relationship.

Materials needed:

3 orange blossoms.

A vase.

1 glass of water.

1 bowl.

Daisy petals.

1 white candle.


Place the orange blossoms into the vase. Then light a white candle.

Add 1 glass of water in a bowl before adding the daisy petals.

Cite the following incantation after lighting the candle:

“By the force of water, which purifies everything, I reject in our lives everything that is negative.”

Keep positive thoughts for 5 minutes and let the candle burn.

It is important to repeat this spell at least once a year, so that you can ensure a healthy and lasting relationship.

Well, you know how to make a love tie with total success, I hope you will find them useful!

I hope that this was informative and helpful. If so, tell me in the comments below.

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