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Love & Sex Slave Binding Ritual


Black Magick Spell


New product

This Love & Sex Slave Binding Ritual is geared to strongly compel the person to return back to the client and to yield under their influence.

$200.00tax excl.


If you are tired of wasting your money on spells that are less than effective, it is time to try something different!

I was gifted with the ability to sense, see and manipulate energy. I can reach within a certain object or person and touch and move energy about. When this is combined with a specific intent spell cast, the results are nothing short of miraculous! I have been perfecting this skill for most of my life. The demand for my spells is great and I only offer a few at a time as they are very physically draining for me. You will not see endless offerings of my spells, so I urge you to purchase quickly and reserve your place.

A lot of spellcasters will not tell you much about their process or deity the work with for fear of you trying it on your own. But I will be out in the open so you know what you are getting, With this spell I will be working with Dark magick or in other words Magick that is connected to the dark forces the opposite of light. The benefit of connecting with these forces is that they are very close to the physical plain thus they are used to manifesting in our world. For this love spell they will target the heart chakra and manipulate the etheric cord to force submission.

It is my promise to stay in touch with you throughout the spell cast process so you are not left wondering what is going on.

There is no need for negative feedback. You can always discuss any issues you have with me prior to leaving this type of feedback. I am extremely fair and I hope you will be also.

Please do not email me every few days to ask me how your spell is doing or when it will manifest. Once your work is done, the time frame for results varies and depends on many factors. One of the most important is your ability to allow it to work naturally and without constantly monitoring it or attempting to rush it.

The spell you are considering is my Love & Sex Slave Binding Black Magick Spell.

-The potency of this intoxicating desire is extremely intense! and cannot be resisted for long if at all. I cast this spell 10 times, This is for your most difficult love cases.

-This spell will bend the mind and will of its unsuspecting recipient causing the person to be all consumed with you.

-This spell will also cause your target to get a type of tunnel vision of sorts hence causing your target to block out everything else in life within the exception of you of course.

-This spell will also strongly invoke that the person should return back to you without any delay nor fail and with all haste as the client at that point will become their life’s love goal as no other suitor will do with them.

-This spell will cause Target to think about you until their brain is on fire with hot and unquenchable sexual passion as their bones will shake and ache at the least little bit of resistance that a person might offer up or exhibit.

-This spell is geared to strongly compel the person to return back to you and to yield under your influence.

-This spell is like an unstoppable hurricane that will wash across your Target’s heart clearing away any and all things that aren’t meaningful in that person’s life and at the same time it will strengthen and magnify that person’s love for you 100 fold.

-This spell will also heal any misunderstandings, misdeeds, and so forth that a relationship may have endured in its digressional state as it

-This spell will also induce your Target to dream constantly in a good and highly sexually way that will cause the Target to fall under your full control.

-This spell will also cause sleep deprivation to your Target, loss of appetite and muddled thoughts on everything else because their only goal in life will focus around returning to and marrying you of this unstoppable spell.

-This spell will invade your Target’s thoughts planting the seed of sexual desire for you, causing your Target to fantasize and daydreaming about you.

-This spell will go deep inside you Target’s sexual plain and ignite in them the hottest & deepest desires inside their mind, body, heart and soul for you that will cause them to have a yearning and hunger for you that is even stronger than yours is for them.

-This spell will flood your Target with dreams with erotic experiences where you are the central focus, leading them to be completely obsessed, focused and addicted to you.

-This spell will bombard your Target with an intoxicating and extremely intense sexual and lustful desires, fantasies & actions that are focused on you and make your Target feel desperate to be with you in a way they cannot ignore.

– This spell will drive your target to pleasure themselves while thinking of you. They will be hit by this urge not only alone at night in their bed, but while out and about, at work, shopping for groceries and every trip to the restroom will require them to release the intensifying build of sexual energies.

-This spell will arrange a life circumstance that will allow your Target to leave the current situation that is holding them back and make a smooth transition into a newer and happier life circumstance with you without breaking stride.

-This spell can also transform a Marriage/Relationship going bad and save it form the perils of divorce or break-up by simply strengthening the existing love, reducing the stress levels and protecting the relationship or marriage from outside influences or suitors and much more.

-This spell will cause your Target to feel the pressure of these lustful urges as if you are coursing through their veins, driving their primal core needs which will resonate with your custom requests to compel! These urges will not let up unless they give up all resistance, to you and start making sexual advances toward you to make their incessant fantasies come true! Quickly bringing the object of your deep desires straight to you.

-This spell will also keep at bay any and all other destructive factors such as troublesome family member, neighbors, ex-lovers, ex-wives or husbands, untrue friends, hateful bosses, and all other enemies seen and unseen that may not wish this relationship to manifest or just may not wish you well concerning your overall life.


The spell will solve the Following Issues in your life:

-Love Triangle

-Will not commit to a relationship

-Love has died

-You can’t find your true love

-Turmoil in your relationship

-Mistakes that you wish you could erase



Buy this spell now and know that your choice will bring you the never-ending love you yearn for.

Instructions: For each spell that you purchase, please send your details in the format below. Pics may be helpful but are not mandatory. Please send your details in questionnaire format for each and every spell you purchase.

A. Please indicate the title of spell you purchased:

B. The names and birth dates (if known) of those involved:

C. Any brief details of the situation you would like to make known:

D. You may list up to ten customized points of special focus regarding your desired results of this magick:


You will receive an email update soon after it is cast.


Black Magick Spell


New product

New product

This Love & Sex Slave Binding Ritual is geared to strongly compel the person to return back to the client and to yield under their influence.

$200.00tax excl.

$200.00tax excl.